Employee benefits

                                  Welfare system

                                  BLSI landscape
                                   landscape, an international service brand, is a professional design agencies, with top design strength both at home and abroad, is one of the strongest comprehensive strength of landscape planning and design institutions at home and abroad.

                                  Here, we are very pay attention to talent, firmly believe that talent is the most valuable wealth of company, at the same time also very pay attention to personnel training and promotion. We are in accordance with the principle of market-oriented, to provide the industry competitive salaries and generous benefits,Absorb and retain talents, and to all my colleagues to provide equal promotion channels and development platform. As long as you have remarkable ability and highly collaborative team spirit, we will provide a broad development platform and development space.

                                  Specific c&b key is as follows:

                                  ? wage marketization: according to different jobs, have to remain competitive in the industry pay levels, maintain consistent at world market position;

                                  ? results sharing system: the company, the staff of each progress and efforts is closely related to the development of the company at the same time to make the employees share the fruits of success;

                                  ? once a year for excellence: salary and length of service, education degree, not necessarily, but is closely related to performance and capacity. According to a semiannual performance evaluation, to every progress in working staff salary reward;

                                  ? companies, are available to all employees to ensure employees and to establish a whole host of benefits, including pension insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance, inductrial injury insurance, birth insurance and housing accumulation fund of social insurance, and the company\'s annual healthy check-up and paid sick leave, and according to the length of service for paid annual leave, etc.;

                                  ? project manager of the above-mentioned persons enjoy the phone subsidies, irregular abroad every year investigation and welfare. Director level above personnel have flexible work hours, company benefits such as parking allowance;

                                  ? long-term service award: more than 3 years of service with the company all staff enjoy the occasional overseas and welfare service bonus; Deputy manager above personnel service for 5 years, can enjoy the company of housing/vehicle purchase subsidies and welfare;

                                  ? special prize: all staff enjoy marriage He Yi, newborn He Yi, every year, the company regularly domestic tourism and the Spring Festival transportation subsidies and other welfare;

                                  ? in order to enrich employees amateur activities, increase staff to enterprise culture, the appropriate organization all kinds of recreational activities, including shenzhen swim around and not party and sing K activities regularly. In order to strengthen the physical quality of employees, the company will be according to the case organization similar to play (badminton, basketball, mountain climbing, jogging activities such as;


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