choose BLSI

                                  competitive advantage   
                                  From the professional so choose
                                  INTERNATIONAL TEAM (High efficiency)
                                  BLSI core design team from the United States, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Thailand with top international design work experience and more than 10 years landscape design experience of the designers. The domestic top landscape planning and design strength, professional matching perfect, able to provide customers with new, innovative, in line with international standards, while meeting the local design specifications of the design and services.

                                  PROFESSIONAL ADVANTAGES   (profession)
                                  BLSI always focus on landscape planning and design, insist on building core technology, professional and technical advantages to participate in the competition, customer service, in the field of environmental design to a number of design boutique, and establish a strong core competitiveness.

                                  INTERNATIONAL TEAM (Cooperation)
                                  BLSI has always been to project as the core, service for the purpose. Full of design, guidance, feedback and so on, strictly control the design of each link, and strongly do a good job in the construction of the project to achieve control, comprehensive customer service.



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